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What to Know About What We're Doing to Keep Our Space Healthy & Safe

And a few tips for time at home and managing distress...

Hi There Artists,

We're always committed first and foremost to the health, wellbeing, and safety of our community, and know that the news and realities of managing the concerns surrounding COVID-19 are deeply worrisome.

We are staying up to date with the CDC, World Health Organization, and State of Oregon for advice and updates and are taking necessary precautions here in the studio to keep our space as safe as possible while we navigate the situation.

Here are the steps we're taking:

1. We have always sanitized all art materials and tables between uses, and have increased cleaning protocols to ensure that all of our door handles and other high touch surfaces are sanitized as frequently as possible. We've added a second sanitizing protocol prior to classes, and are checking folks in for class ourselves when they arrive to minimize shared contact on the tablet. Aprons are washed after each use. Seats at our drafting tables are already set 4 feet away from each other in every direction. For classes that are more than half full we will move tables to maintain 6 feet between every seat and table.

2. We suspect you've heard this already, but...The CDC recommends everyday preventative actions to avoid the spread of respiratory disease such as washing your hands frequently and keeping at a distance from those who are sick or coughing. We recommend washing your hands before and after class. We're doing the same!

3. Perhaps most importantly, please stay home if you are not feeling well. We will be following that same advice from the CDC, and will of course be in touch in the event that any classes are cancelled or rescheduled.

We know this is highly distressing. Be kind to yourself and maintain awareness about your stress level. Stay informed, and also be mindful about how you're consuming the news and the way it's impacting you. The Mayo Clinic has some quick, helpful resources about ways that stress can show up and tips to manage it. You already know that making art can be a huge help-we're here if you'd like to get your dose, and are noodling about ways to share some ideas through digital channels if you need or want to stay put.

Thank you all for your cooperation in continuing to make our studio a safe haven. We'll be continuing to stay informed and make changes as needed.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns, and take good care (mentally and physically)! We'll get through this!