Art Therapy

Classes, Open Studio, and Group Events

Ages 16+



We focus primarily on creative process, exploration, and personal expression. 


There's a no judgement policy when it comes to artwork in our space.

It's all good here.


A nice balance of instruction if you need it and creative freedom when you want it, always in 1 or 2 hours.   


We design our classes to be inclusive, welcoming, and accessible to everyone.

Come see for yourself.


Research shows that making art can reduce stress, inspire creative problem solving skills, and improve mood.

The ability to work independently and direct your own process is key.


That's where we come in.

The Experience

Our Creative Space

Our bright, lofty studio is stocked with art materials, aprons and work stations that can be customized to your comfort.

We're set up so that you have enough space to maintain a bit of privacy while you work, but can still connect with the amazing collective creativity and energy floating through the space.

It's just not the same as doing it alone at your kitchen table.

You'll see what we mean...

We're on a mission to help you tap into the therapeutic effects of making art.

Here's how we make it happen.

The Minutes Before

We'll ask you to leave your phone and other personal belongings in our bench and locker area, so that you can drop ALL of your baggage and really get into the flow with your creative process.

If you're early, feel free to grab a glass of water from the kitchen and flip through one of our art books  on a bench.

You're also welcome to get your table adjusted before class if you'd like it set to a different height or on a tilt.

Our studio is your studio, so make yourself comfortable.

The Class Cadence

For both Open Studio and our Structured Studio classes, we'll start with 5-10 minutes of orientation to materials and how we work, so you have a good starting point.

During the art-making portion of classes, we'll have a bit of background music going. Talking is kept to a minimum, unless you need back up from one of our staff. We'll never interrupt your process, but we're there the second you wave us down.

Classes wrap up with about 5 minutes of guided (internal) reflection to help you notice your experience and transition back out of your creative flow space.

The Result

You'll leave feeling uniquely relaxed and energized, with a reinforced sense of your creative capacity. Many people also report noticing something new about themselves through the process, but we'll never put you on the spot or ask you to talk about your time with us.  That's your choice to make.

As artists gather their belongings and get ready to head back out into the rest of the day, we'll often hear them comment on the amazing variety of experiences, yet there's always that commonality of having created something...out of nothing.  

Yep, you'll do that too. We can't wait to see you do it.

Come Render!

Because we strive to be as inclusive as possible, our studio is an alcohol free space.

1705 NW Kearney Street Portland OR, 97209


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