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Make, for your sake.

Everyone can Render. 

Unleash your creativity and nourish your healthiest self with online classes and in-person experiences,  always with the support of a Board Certified Art Therapist. 

There are lots of ways to take care of your health.

Creativity is one of them. 

Many of us are looking for ways to support our mental and emotional health, and just as often, we intuitively pursue creative engagement for personal well-being. At Render, we do both.



We'll focus on how creative process supports your personal expression, self-awareness, and emotional health. There's a no judgement policy when it comes to artwork. 


It's all good here.



A nice balance of simple instruction and creative freedom, with time for art-making, personal reflection, and group discussion.


Come see for yourself.


Our evidence-based programming sets you up to reduce stress, build problem solving skills, and improve mood. We design our classes to be inclusive, welcoming, and accessible to everyone. 

There's nothing else like it.

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What People Are Saying

Image by Kelli Tungay

"I enthusiastically enjoyed every moment of my classes at Render. It felt like a vacation each visit. When I felt tired going in, I was energized leaving. I have been able to translate what I learn there to my life outside with myriad positive results."

Image by Karen Penroz

"I had a blast getting to try new art materials I wouldn't normally. It was also such a nice escape and way to reflect on how I think about things and the choices I make."

Image by Kelli Tungay

"This was something new for me and I'm glad I did  it. Render gave me a time and place to sit down, quiet my mind and just focus on making art for an hour. I would definitely recommend to anyone  looking for something different and engaging."

"This was a form of self-care I had no idea I even needed."

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Render on your schedule with on-demand classes, or book live virtual classes with Drew, our founding Art Therapist, for an extra dose of inspiration and creative connection.

All the materials you'll need,

shipped right to your door in The Render Box.



Give your team a creative jump start, gather friends to de-stress and connect in a new and unique way, or explore a collective challenge from a fresh perspective.

Available for both in person and virtual events!