Research has shown that engaging in creative activities for as little as 45 minutes can improve mood, decrease stress, and positively impact feelings of capability. Creative engagement can also lead to improved physical outcomes. These are all good things, and we’re here to help you easily access them.

It’s important to note that having a largely self-directed artistic process is a crucial factor in experiencing those health benefits.

Our structure and approach facilitates a unique flow experience and gives you the opportunity to access the health benefits that are dependent on the elements of problem solving and activation of multiple brain regions simultaneously.

Developing a regular habit of creative engagement is also important in reaping the benefits. That’s why we’ve designed our studio experiences to be accessible and enjoyable in one or two hours, with lots of scheduling flexibility and no extra material costs or prep time required. We hope you can join us more frequently, for shorter periods of time, and still maintain your regular weekly routine.

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