Every experience with us is personal and unique. Hear from those who've felt The Render Effect:

Image by Kasturi Roy

This was something new for me and I'm glad I did the series. It gave me a time and place to sit down and quiet my mind and just focus on making art for an hour. It was a form of self care that I didn't realize I needed. I would definitely recommend Render to anyone who is looking for something different and also engaging. Drew was very helpful in demonstrating the process and allowing us to explore our own creative journey for the duration of the class. Render is a breath of fresh air for our current culture of instant gratification and allowed me to quiet my mind for those 75 minutes.

Render was an amazing experience to take a consistent amount of time each week to care for myself. It can be difficult to make time for self care, but Render gave me the opportunity not only to engage in the types of self care I love, but also explore new types of art and materials. I always left the class with a smile on my face.

Image by Steve Johnson
Image by Debby Hudson

I enthusiastically enjoyed every moment of my classes at Render. It felt like a vacation each visit. When I felt tired going in, I was energized leaving. I have been able to translate what I learn there to my life outside with myriad positive results.

I had a blast getting to try new art materials I wouldn't normally. It was also such a nice escape and way to reflect on how I think about things and the choices I make. - Whitney B.

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