• Render Creative Space

Keep SAD* at bay; wield a brush, splash some color, and seek out your creative light

Winter days are officially here, which brings with it SAD (seasonal affective disorder) for many. SAD often shows up as low energy, sadness, and difficulty concentrating, to name a few. And there is increasing concern that the demands of quarantining this year are likely to increase the prevalence and severity of SAD (sigh).

But! This doesn't mean SAD is inevitable, and preventative measures are by no means hopeless. Of course, our first go-to is...art-making. There are a number of benefits to art-making, and this article from NPR does a nice job of broadly outlining a few of them. Two benefits that are particularly relevant to the issue of SAD include:

1. Activating the reward pathways of the brain-> improves mood and helps us work away that sense of pervasive sadness.

2. Allows us to concentrate deeply -> which is especially difficult with SAD!

It's also worth mentioning that there are other ways of mitigating SAD, which include getting fresh air and natural light (we're so grateful for the floor to ceiling windows in the studio!), staying connected to others, looking for ways to maintain routine, and last but certainly not least, find room for joy! For us, that means safely connecting with artists in the studio and watching their joy build as they work.

How will you render SAD powerless this year?