Why We're Here

There are lots of ways to take care of your health. Creativity is one of them.

Over the years of working as an Art Therapist, our founder Drew started to seriously question why creative engagement is not widely accessible as an important pathway to health and wellness.


Many of us are looking for ways to support our mental and emotional health, and just as often, we intuitively pursue creative engagement for personal well-being.

At Render, we do both (and we have fun doing it). 


With us, it's not about passing any judgement on what you make, but about the practice and experience of exercising your creativity, self-awareness, and tools for relaxation in an enjoyable and satisfying way.  Always anchored in the research that continues to emerge and explain how creative engagement can improve health, our space is open to everyone. 


As is often the case, words just don't capture the whole picture...

Come Render, and see for yourself.

Core Values

We Believe

That creative engagement is central to leading the holistic, healthy life that every person deserves.

We Recognize 

That mental and physical health are changing states that exist on a continuum, and deserve our attention, effort, and care at every level.

We Commit 

To working towards a world where everyone has access to the arts, creative development and to holistic health support.

We Acknowledge 

That we are all shaped by different aspects of culture, heritage, and systems of power. We promise to genuinely engage in dialogue about those shaping forces as we make decisions, and prioritize cultural equity.

We Approach 

Everything we do with curiosity, compassion, and collaborative spirit.

Drew Smith
 Founder & Art Therapist 

Drew founded Render with the goal of making the therapeutic effects of creative process more accessible and widely understood. She wanted to build an inviting and engaging creative space designed intentionally to support mental health.


While many of us feel pulled towards creative pursuits for our own well-being, she noticed that so many of us still struggled to find the time, mental and physical space, and inspiration to keep our creative engines healthy and running. Often, our mental health suffers as a result. And so Render was born.

Drew is committed to making sure you feel welcomed, calmed, a little challenged, revived, and inspired. She is a Licensed Certified Art Therapist in the state of Oregon, and a member of the American Art Therapy Association.