Here at Render, the main focus is on the process of creating, not the final product.

That’s why we spend just enough time on material instruction to make sure you can feel pretty comfortable getting started. We design all of our experiences to be engaging and manageable no matter how much or how little experience you have with making art.


It might feel a little scary to not have all of the answers up front, but in the end you’ll realize there is no right way to be creative. You’ll probably end up with something we never would have thought of, and that fuels and inspires our whole community.

We NEVER judge, critique, or assign aesthetic value to art created in our space, and we expect everyone who joins us to do the same. Think of it this way; would you ever turn to your neighbor in yoga class and correct their down dog pose? Same rules apply.

By emphasizing the act of creating, we help you move past an inner critic and tap into the moments of freedom, questioning, surprise, challenge, and joy that arise in the process.




We offer two distinct experiences, but from the moment you step into our space, you can expect to be welcomed, encouraged, and valued for the creative force that you are. 

Structured Studio | one hour | $28

The hour will start with roughly 5-10 minutes of orientation to the scheduled materials, so that you feel comfortable working largely on your own. You will then have approximately 45 minutes to independently create something with the materials we have provided. An Art Therapist will be on hand to answer questions, and will give artists a heads up when there are 5 minutes left for art-making.

Open Studio | two hours | $38

Our Open Studio gives you access to your choice of materials in our studio and a reserved spot for the full two hours. Class begins with about 10 minutes of orientation to the materials available for Open Studio. If you know what you want to work with right away, you can jump right in and help yourself for the duration of the class. If you're not so sure, we've got you! The Art Therapist can talk with you to get started and find what interests and suits you on that day. Again, an Art Therapist will always be on hand to provide support if you need it for the entire two hours. 

There is no prompt or set material recommendation for Open Studio, so it’s really up to you how you want to use the time and space. The Art Therapist will give you a cue when you are half way through the time and again when there are 10 minutes left, so you won't be caught off guard at the end. 

During the art-making portion of both classes, artists are asked to keep talking to a minimum (unless you have a question for one of our staff) so that everyone in the space can sink into their process and access those amazing benefits of intentional creative work. Both classes end with a guided internal reflection.



Research has shown that engaging in art making for as little as 45 minutes can improve mood, decrease stress, and positively impact feelings of capability. Creative engagement can also lead to improved physical outcomes. These are all good things, and we’re here to help you easily access them.

It’s important to note that having a largely self-directed artistic process is a crucial factor in experiencing those health benefits.

Our structure and approach facilitates a unique flow experience and gives you the opportunity to access the health benefits that are dependent on the elements of problem solving and activation of multiple brain regions simultaneously.

Developing a regular habit of creative engagement is also important in reaping the benefits. That’s why we’ve designed our studio experiences to be accessible and enjoyable in one or two hours, with lots of scheduling flexibility and no extra material costs or prep time required. We hope you can join us more frequently, for shorter periods of time, and still maintain your regular weekly routine.

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