Looking for a safe haven for kids to gather for a creative and social outlet with strict COVID safety precautions in place? 

As we prep for weathering winter, our bright and lofty studio is the perfect setting for a weekly class or unique party for your child to access enriching programming and safely socialize. 

Image by Aaron Burden

Create some consistency for your child to engage with their creativity and safely connect with their friends and peers.  

Every school and family's schedule is different right now, so  we're taking bookings by group appointment.


This allows us to find a time and develop ideal programming. 



It's not just about how we look.


Looking to Landscapes

What nature tells us.


Mood Manager

Sometimes we need more than words.


3-D for Me Please!

Taking things right off the page.

Sensational Sensory

There's a whole world out there.

Weekly Class Series

Call or email us to get started! We can typically offer dates and times and determine programming needs in one 10-15 minute phone call. 

Pricing starts at ~$135 per child for 4 Sessions (75 minutes each)

Looking for a safe place to host a creative party for your child or family?

Let us take care of the planning to create a special event everyone will remember for years to come.

If your child likes to be in on the planning, we're all ears with a special planning kick-off! It's a party in and of itself and a fun way to develop some great life skills in the process!


It's a Circus In Here!

Make your own mini big top.


The Jungle Book

Altered book diorama.


Constellation Station

Designing our stars.


Good Reef!

The buzz below the surface.

Gardens Galore

It's not just about plants.

Art Fun

Parties &   Events

The best parties are the most personal ones. If your child has a special interest or hobby, we can plan a theme and art process around it!

Pricing varies depending on duration of the event, materials and art process, decorations and invitations. Contact us for details and pricing!

We can typically get a proposal to you in under 48 hours. 

1705 NW Kearney Street Portland OR, 97209


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