Updated 11/16/20

Here's What you Need to Know:

1. We have always sanitized all art materials and tables between uses, and have added a second sanitizing protocol prior to classes. All cleaning supplies are FDA approved for coronavirus sanitation. You will be required to wear a mask over your nose and mouth for the entire time you are in the studio. We're asking artists to step outside if you need to remove your mask for any reason, including a quick sip of water. Please bring your own with you to help reduce the need for disposable masks, but we will have some on hand.


2. We will check everyone in for class outside the front door to minimize shared contact on the tablet. We'll direct you individually to a numbered table to manage traffic flow, and will also direct you out one at a time to reduce traffic congestion. Please help us stay on time by arriving 5 minutes prior to class so we can check everyone in and get tables seated safely. We'll prop the door open before class to promote air flow. If we can leave it open during class without too much distraction or temperature discomfort, we'll do so.


3. Please bring as little with you as possible, as our lockers and coat hook areas are closed. You'll keep everything with you at your spot in the studio. While all materials are washable, we are discontinuing the use of aprons for the time being, so please plan accordingly.


4. All tables have been moved to maintain a minimum of 6 feet from each other, and each table is equipped with a bottle of hand sanitizer, which will be cleaned before and after every use, just like all art materials. Class capacity has been reduced from 10 seats to 6, and we're asking everyone to stay at their own table during the art process demonstration, rather than gather near the teaching table. We've moved things significantly so that there is visibility from every seat, and will make additional accommodations as needed. As always, never be afraid to ask for what you need in here! All materials will already have been placed on your table when you arrived. Please note we will not be offering Open Studio for the time being.


5. Our water station has been closed, and we will be handing out towels and hand wipes at the end of class to reduce traffic and crowding near the sink.


6. We ask that our restroom be used for emergencies only to help us keep up with effective cleaning. Because the hallway to the restroom is more narrow, we can only allow one person back at a time. It will be blocked off to avoid any inadvertent congestion, so please check in with us if you need to have it opened up for access!

7. Perhaps most importantly, please stay home if you are not feeling well. Our "normal" cancellation policies are still posted on our booking page, but we'll do what we can to be flexible. This is a tough time for everyone!

That's it! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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