LIVE Virtual Render at Home Classes Coming Soon!

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How Can I Render at Home?

We've adapted our in studio experience to bring you a collection of online  classes, paired with all the art materials you'll need to Render at Home.

8 Video Guides for Your Home Experience

Simple art demonstrations and guided reflections

Info about how to best access the health benefits of making art

Overview of all materials included in The Render Box

How Does Art Help, Exactly?

Making art is linked with psychological resilience, stress reduction, improved mood, creative problem solving skills, feelings of capability, and even physical improvements.

A trained Art Therapist knows how to help you access theses benefits.

It can provide a much needed dose of novelty that grabs our attention in a new way to reduce boredom and support a range of health outcomes.'s pretty fun.

What if I Don't Consider Myself "An Artist"?

No sweat! Anyone can access the benefits of making art, because with our approach, it's not about skill.

Our focus is on your experience of creating art and how the process impacts your health. We know this can feel foreign at first.

A trained Art Therapist knows how to set you up, no matter how much or how little experience you have with making art. 

Never too basic or too hard, the video guides give you as much support as you need, with all of the creative freedom you want.

Ready to Render at Home?

You'll get immediate access to our library of video guides, so you can view the intro videos even before your materials arrive.

Your compact and versatile collection of art materials will be sent in your Render Box...right to your door! Everything packs neatly into a 9x12 box. No need to buy anything extra! 

Pick a video, open up your box. You're ready to Render! Do your own thing or use this with family or a group. 

Go ahead, make art and take care of your health, wherever you are.

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