Do I need to have any experience with art?

Nope. Rendering is for everyone; whether you last made something in first grade or this morning.


We design every experience to be equally enjoyable and rewarding no matter how much previous experience you have with art. Remember, this is more about how the process of being creative supports your mental and emotional well-being, not how much artistic training you've had.  We never judge or assign value of any kind to the artwork. FYI-it's not uncommon for artwork to be tossed into  recycling (your call), but the experience carries with you!

I noticed that all offerings are run by an Art Therapist. What does that mean?

That's right! Art Therapists are licensed, masters level practitioners trained in using art and creative process for health and well-being.


Training is equivalent to that of social workers and licensed professional counselors, which allows us to create an experience that is evidence-based and uniquely able to help you access the health benefits of using specific materials, develop mindful awareness of your process, and think about your process in an enjoyable, rich, and meaningful way.

Do I need to have a specific "reason" to book a class or event?

Only if you think it serves you! Our classes are public and open to everyone, and goals can include:

  • Finding new ways to relax

  • Looking for new tools for mindfulness

  • Stimulating imagination

  • Developing emotional intelligence

  • Team-building and deepening social connections

  • Seeking novelty and new experiences

  • Building and getting in touch with your creativity

  • Finding community

  • Developing self-awareness

  • Doing something good for yourself

  • Having fun!


This list is not all inclusive, by any means.

So…is this an art class?

Not in the traditional sense. Think of it as a creativity exercise that happens to use art materials as your primary tools.


While our goal is to help you feel comfortable enough with the materials to get started, we won't be giving as much formal instruction on how to use materials as you might expect in a traditional art class. This is less about technique or making art that looks a certain way, and more about the value of exploration in creative process.


Adopting this approach gives you the space to use your own resources and have a truly creative experience. You’re bound to surprise yourself, and those moments are golden. That being said, if a question comes up as you’re working, that’s what we’re there for. You'll be free and independent in your process, but never out on your own. 

What if I'm feeling kind of intimidated by this whole idea?

That's ok! And also pretty common. Many of us have been trained us to think about creativity and art it in terms of how "good", "talented" or "skilled" we are in these areas, but that mentality is both limiting and inaccurate!


Our brains change based on our lived experience, and you can practice and develop creativity just like anything else. It can take time and practice to shift your mentality around creativity and art-making towards a focus on process, but we're here for you, every step of the way. 

For an in person event, do I have to worry that my location is going to get destroyed?


No way! Our in person events are designed to activate and facilitate calm and creativity, not anxiety about how to spot clean your new chair.


Each of our event programming options are designed to travel, with minimal set up and clean up required. We keep things non-toxic and washable, and will bring aprons for everyone in your group. We'll typically request access to your event location 15-30 minutes prior to the event for set up, and we'll clean up quickly at the end so that your conference room, living room, or back yard looks just as it did before we Rendered.